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Tightening systems



The systems shown represent only a small selection from our total range. In addition to the standard tightening systems, we are also able to offer every internationally known tightening system as well as alternative systems consisting of cone and fitting sleeve or new systems according to customer designs.
Standard cones Sleeves for welding expanded Sleeves for welding machined form solid Conical Nuts Tightening Torque for Nuts
M20 - B1

80 - 115

110 - 120

M20, SW32

M 20 x 1,5
SW 450Nm
M22 - A1

80 - 115

110 - 120

M22, SW32

M 22 x 1,5
SW 450Nm


M24, SW32

M 24 x 1,5
SW 450Nm

  120 - 165*

M27, SW32

M 27 x 1,5
SW 450Nm

  120 - 165*

M28, SW32

M 28 x 1,5
SW 450Nm

  120 - 165*

M30, SW32

M 30 x 1,5
SW 700Nm
Cones with locking nibs for curved tines
M20-M22-M27-M28 with locking nibs for Radius Tines


120 - 165*

M20-M22-M27-M28, SW32-SW41

The years of experience and the variety of different tightening systems for front-loader that we offer has made us experts in this field.

If required, we can also meet particular customer wishes. Special cones are no special case. We will put your wishes into practice quickly and competent. You will be actively supported by our staff in every phase of the development to guarantee a quick progress.

*Length of sleeves depending on the thickness of tines